Top 30 Filipino Motivational Speakers in the Philippines

List of Top Motivational Public Speakers Philippines

Here’s the list of motivational public speakers in the Philippines for 2023. The Public Speaking Institute Asian School of Speaking Arts provided the list:

Best Motivational Speakers in Manila, Cebu, and Davao in the Philippines

  • Lloyd Luna. Sgt. Lloyd A. Luna, Philippine Air Force Reserve, a well-known Filipino professional speaker and entrepreneur, has written 17 inspirational and instructional books and has been a columnist of The Manila Times since 2006. He is the founder and chairman of Luna Group of Companies, Inc.
    List of Filipino Motivational Speakers Philippines
    Top Filipino Motivational Speaker in the Philippines Lloyd Luna
    Over the past 15 years, he has spoken on leadership, communication, and transformation in over 1,500 conventions, conferences, and seminars in Asia, Oceania, and Europe. He has addressed such audiences as key leaders of global companies, managers and officers of government agencies, and students and faculty of various learning institutions.He is the first and only Filipino to represent the Philippines in a global speakers summit. He is the founder and CEO of Stepback, a culture transformation company that helps leaders and organizations see the bigger picture in life and at work. He has been an Asian motivational leadership speaker for 14 years, delivering an average of 120 inspirational speeches annually. He has authored 16 books and is a radio and television talk-show host, songwriter, publisher, and serial entrepreneur.The youngest board member of the Global Speakers Federation, which has 15 member-countries worldwide including the Philippines, Lloyd is the founder and president of the Philippine Association of Professional Speakers. As author and originator of Stepback Leadership—the lost art of Filipino leadership— Lloyd teaches the practice of putting people at the center of leadership. Using his in-depth study of the building of the 2,000-year-old Ifugao Rice Terraces, which has been named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Lloyd believes that great leaders are shaped and defined by three crucial steps they make for their people: (1) stepping in to inspire, teach, and equip them; (2) stepping back to permit, evaluate, and mentor them; and (3) stepping up to explore, strategize, and innovate with them. He argues that these three steps are founded mainly on trust, collaboration, and humanity. Lloyd is the president of LLOYDLUNA Communications, the parent company of Stepback, Umbrella Speakers, Scroll Publishing, Skybell Clothing, and Peaches Music. He is the founder of the Registered Speaking Professional Institute of the Philippines, a certifying body that gives RSP designation to qualified professional speakers in the country. Lloyd has been a resource speaker in over 1,000 conventions, conferences, and seminars has appeared in over 200 media interviews and has spoken on leadership to personnel of several major global companies worldwide, to key managers and staff of Philippine government agencies, and to students and faculty of various Philippine universities and colleges. For his work as motivational speaker, Lloyd has been conferred scores of awards over the years, among them the Collegiate Ambassador for Peace award in South Korea, remarkable alumnus of Polytechnic University of the Philippines, and the 2010 SM Supermarket Brand Ambassador award. At age 31, he was nominated for the 2013 Ten Outstanding Young Men of the Philippines award. In 2018, he was also nominated by Go Negosyo for the ASEAN Business Awards.
  • Coy Santiago. Coy Santiago is a woman whose credentials speak as loudly as her impactful words. As a Certified Public Speaker at Public Speaking Institute Asian School of Speaking Arts and a Public Speaking Fellow at Lloyd Luna School of Keynote Speaking, Coy is not just another voice in the crowd; she’s a clarion call for change. Her membership in the Philippine Association of Public Speakers further cements her status as a leader in the field.
    List of Filipino Motivational Speakers Philippines Coy Santiago
    List of Filipino Motivational Speakers Philippines Coy Santiago, CPS®, PSF®
    Aside from being a public speaker, she’s also a Certified Human Resource Professional (CHRP), a globally recognized title awarded by the Institute of Human Resource of the International Federation of Professional Managers based in the UK. This isn’t just a certification; it’s an international seal of approval that guarantees Coy’s adherence to the highest professional and ethical standards in HR. Educated at St. Scholastica’s College in Manila, an exclusive institution for young women, Coy earned double degrees in AB Guidance and Counseling and BS Psychology. This isn’t just academic achievement; it’s the foundation of her role as a frontrunner in women’s empowerment. She’s a master at navigating the complex issues that women face today, from relationships and career growth to family dynamics and workplace challenges. With an impressive 19-year career in Human Resources, Coy has been the guiding force in both local and multinational companies. She’s not just an HR professional; she’s a mentor who has coached and shaped the careers of countless employees and students across various industries. Coy is also a sought-after motivational speaker, delivering transformative talks to schools and organizations. Whether she’s guiding students on their career paths, or addressing critical issues like diversity and inclusion, Coy’s words resonate. She’s not just speaking; she’s inspiring action. In 2022, before even earning her Public Speaking Fellow designation, Coy developed her own Owntalk®. Centered around her life story, her talk challenges conventional wisdom by advocating for being “unreasonable” as a positive force in all aspects of life. She’s not just telling her story; she’s inviting you to rewrite your own. #BeUnreasonable
  • Neri Marcos. Nerissa Marcos is a woman whose credentials are as multifaceted as her talents. As a Certified Public Speaker from the Public Speaking Institute and the Asian School of Speaking Arts, Nerissa is more than just a compelling voice; she’s a thought leader in copywriting, motivation, marketing, leadership, and personal development. Her Public Speaking Fellow designation from the Lloyd Luna School of Keynote Speaking further solidifies her as a force to be reckoned with.
    List of Filipino Motivational Speakers Philippines Neri Marcos
    List of Filipino Motivational Speakers Philippines Neri Marcos, CPS®, PSF®
    Nerissa’s brilliance doesn’t stop at public speaking. She’s the visionary CEO and founder of Neri Marcos Digital, a boutique marketing agency that specializes in launching courses and crafting persuasive copy for industry experts. She’s not just running a business; she’s on a mission to transform ‘how-to’ content into profitable courses that leave a lasting impact. With over a decade in Internet marketing, Nerissa is the secret weapon you didn’t know you needed. From writing compelling copy to launching groundbreaking products, she knows how to capture leads and convert them into sales. She’s not just in the business of marketing; she’s in the business of elevating your brand. Her expertise and journey have made her an indispensable consultant for businesses and a sought-after coach for freelancers and copywriters. As one of the coaches in The Freelance Movement Tribe, a premium community with over 5,000 paying members, and a Copywriting Coach for the Copywriting Fellowship, Nerissa is shaping the next generation of Filipino freelancers and copywriters. Nerissa’s journey into the world of copywriting began in 2010 when the birth of her first child ignited a desire for financial freedom. A virtual assistant course led her to her first US client, and an email from a mentor in 2011 rekindled her passion for writing. She invested in multiple copywriting courses and mentorship programs, honing her skills to become the go-to copywriter for industry experts across the globe. Her work has generated millions in revenue, selling everything from digital products and courses to seminars and mentoring programs. In 2023, Nerissa took her public speaking to the next level with her Owntalk®, “#WriteYourOwnGame.” Her message is crystal clear: you hold the power to transform your life. To win, you must be relentless, do whatever it takes, and play the game of life with unwavering seriousness. After her conferment as a Public Speaking Fellow, she became program director at Internet Marketing Institute School of Copywriting.
  • Anne Jacalan. Anabe “Anne” Jacalan is a Certified Public Speaker and Public Speaking Fellow at the Public Speaking Institute. She specializes in speaking on leadership, entrepreneurship, and self-development. Anne is also the founder of Prints and Dots Event Management, a company that focuses on event planning, styling, coordination, and hosting.
    List of Filipino Motivational Speakers Philippines Anabe Anne Jacalan
    List of Filipino Motivational Speakers Philippines Anabe “Anne” Jacalan, CPS®, PSF®
    In 2014, her love and interest in the event industry inspired her to expand her business into event and wedding planning, coordination, and styling. Hosting these events also became an extension of her passion for speaking. Her outstanding work in the industry led to her recognition as one of the Top 20 People’s Choice Awardees for Event Planning in the Philippines in 2022 by the Wedding Supplier Association of the Philippines (WSAP). In 2015, she became the Managing Partner at Growth Wing Consultancy, a company specializing in handling corporate events such as team-building activities, while also delivering training sessions to students and young individuals aimed at developing their self-confidence and enriching their prospective careers. Furthermore, Growth Wing Consultancy offers the service of providing resource speakers for both corporate and academic engagements. In 2016, Anne ventured into the Real Estate industry as a property specialist, leveraging her communication and sales skills. Her initial engagement in the field marked the beginning of a remarkable career. Fast forward to 2021, and her proficiency in the industry not only translated into personal triumph but also positioned her to lead international partners in countries such as the USA, Italy, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Singapore, the UAE, and KSA. Her first year as a leader saw her achieve an astonishing 600% efficiency rate in sales, a testament to her strategic planning and keen understanding of the market. As her International partners continued to grow in number, her influence expanded exponentially, producing more than 100 million pesos in sales during the first quarter of 2022—a figure that continues to climb. Her previous role as a training officer and facilitator in the pre-need and financial industries in 2004 allowed her to tap into her desire to teach, share, and develop sales professionals nationwide. Through this experience, she discovered her talent for influencing people through spoken words and trained leaders in various direct-selling companies in the areas of sales and motivation. Before the Public Speaking Institute gave her the Public Speaking Fellow title in 2022, she created her Owntalk® to help people find and develop their hidden talents. She strongly believes that in every person’s life story, there will always be a villain, a believer, and a personal desire, all of which contribute to #DefineYourPassion. In 2023, she became a Director at the Real Estate Institute, School of Realty Business—the first of its kind in the country to use multiple original frameworks for teaching real estate entrepreneurship. The institute started offering the Certified Realty Entrepreneur CRE® Certification Program.
  • Sarah Takizawa. Sarah Takizawa, a Certified Public Speaker and Public Speaking Fellow at the Public Speaking Institute, is a dynamic force in the world of public speaking, with a unique specialty: empowering women and championing family values. With a rich tapestry of experiences spanning over 8 years, Sarah’s voice resonates with authenticity and depth.
    List of Filipino Motivational Speakers Philippines Sarah Takizawa
    List of Filipino Motivational Speakers Philippines Sarah Takizawa, CPS®, PSF®
    At the heart of Sarah’s professional journey is Presh Events, her brainchild that has transformed countless dream weddings into reality. But her creative flair doesn’t stop there. For 5 years, Hikari Image, her photography venture, has captured moments that tell a thousand stories. And if that wasn’t enough, Sarah’s passion for language education birthed The English Home, a thriving language school in Japan, enriching minds for the past 2 years. But to truly understand Sarah, one must journey back to her roots. As a licensed nurse, she began her career specializing in Renal dialysis, a challenging field that required not just medical expertise but immense compassion. Her innate ability to connect with people soon saw her rise from a review instructor to a marketing officer, and in no time, she was leading teams as a manager. For 5 years, she thrived in this role, but a personal milestone in 2016 – her wedding – prompted her to pivot towards her true passions: events, photography, and education. Sarah’s upcoming talks promise to be a treasure trove of insights. Drawing from her diverse experiences, she’ll delve into topics like showing compassion in challenging times, finding love in unexpected places, and the courage to leap into the unknown. Each talk is a reflection of her life’s lessons, from the hospital wards to the classroom, from behind the camera lens to the wedding aisle. In Sarah Takizawa, you find more than just a speaker. You discover a storyteller, an educator, a visionary, and above all, a woman who has dared to risk, to change, and to inspire. #DaretoRisk
  • Aimee Pablo. Aimee Pablo, CPS® PSF®, a Certified Public Speaker and Public Speaking Fellow at the Public Speaking Institute, is an expert in the area of Virtual Assistant (VA) training services and outsourcing. Her expertise is based on her own transformative journey spanning more than a decade of working with C-Suite executives globally.
    List of Filipino Motivational Speakers Philippines Aimee Pablo
    List of Filipino Motivational Speakers Philippines Aimee Pablo, CPS®, PSF®
    In 2009, Aimee took a bold leap, transitioning from the dynamic environment of a BPO to the challenges of a work-from-home career, she faced the intricate dance of being a dedicated mom and a professional. This shift, while demanding, ignited a fire within her—a passion to guide others in harnessing their potential, all while achieving a harmonious balance between work and personal life. Aimee’s experiences are the foundation of Aimompreneur, her brainchild, and a testament to her commitment. This coaching platform is more than just a training ground; it’s a sanctuary where professionals can redefine their work-from-home careers. With Aimee’s guidance, they adapt, excel, and rediscover the joy of personal time and the warmth of family moments. Her philosophy is simple yet profound: Life is an ever-evolving classroom. By truly understanding and mastering oneself, individuals can stay ahead, streamline their daily tasks, and cultivate habits that pave the way for a fulfilling life. This belief isn’t just a mantra; it’s a lived experience that Aimee shares with everyone she mentors. Today, Aimee Pablo is more than just a coach; she’s a mentor, a guide, and an inspiration. From budding students to seasoned professionals, countless individuals have turned to her, seeking the tools and strategies to elevate their careers and personal lives. In 2023, Aimee’s dedication to excellence took another monumental step. She crafted her distinctive Owntalk® before receiving the Public Speaking Fellow Designation from the Public Speaking Institute. This presentation delves deep into the heart of excellence, not just as a benchmark in work but as a lifestyle. Aimee’s core belief resonates in every word: It’s not about being good for the moment; it’s about relentless growth, continuous improvement, and an unwavering aim for the pinnacle of success. Join Aimee on this journey and let her insights inspire you to aim higher, dream bigger, and achieve the extraordinary.
  • Eddale Joy Rebueno. Joy is a Certified Public Accountant, a Certified Public Speaker at the Public Speaking Institute Institute Asian School of Speaking Arts and Public Speaking Fellow at Lloyd Luna School of Keynote Speaking.
    List of Filipino Motivational Speakers Philippines Eddale Joy Rebueno
    List of Filipino Motivational Speakers Philippines Eddale Joy Rebueno, CPA, CPS®, PSF®
    She took her Masters in Business Administration at the Ateneo Graduate School of Business. She speaks about leadership, ability to achieve both career and life’s aspirations, building one’s courage and development of self-mastery by leveraging on one’s potential and strengths. She is the founder of Fullfeelmeant Club, a start up platform with an ecosystem to support one’s full well-being – continuous education and trainings, physical and mental wellness and self-empowerment. She has 20 years of combined professional experience in different fields of internal operations and IT audit, enterprise risk management, finance, investment banking, human resources and employees services in local and multinational companies, private and government banking sector, pharmaceuticals, health care, life science, hospital and shared services industry. Her extensive corporate career is focused on innovation, process improvements, emphatic customer service, stakeholder management and business partnering. Her experience developed her interpersonal, strategic, influencing, communication and leadership skills. She is a leader/career coach who has mentored numerous employees with different nationalities in becoming leaders in their own fields, rising from the ranks and achieving their career aspirations. She believes that a true leader is someone who is able to develop her team members to become leaders. A true leader produces more leaders by equipping them with the essential skills. In 2018, Joy ran a corporate program on motivational talks for three years that exposed her to various local and international motivational speakers. In 2020, her role as an HR Learning and Training, Talent Development and Acquisition Manager provided her knowledge and experience in analyzing the essential skill training needs of employees in an organization. She closely coordinated with local and global training providers in coming up with the training programs based on business needs. Both roles gave her the desire to support people and be a factor of empowerment in achieving their career and life goals. In March 2023, she was certified as a public speaker. In April 2023, before the Public Speaking Institute conferred her Public Speaking Fellow designation, she developed her Owntalk on how anyone can achieve his goals by outstanding himself while experiencing life’s pleasure or pain. She believes that there is always a JOY in every situation, we just have to intentionally find it. Her cause: #JustOustandYourself
  • PMAJ Jackson Lopez. PMAJ JACKSON MALANA LOPEZ, DHum, a Certified Public Speaker in Asian School of Speaking Arts and a Public Speaking Fellow in Lloyd Luna School of Keynote Speaking at the Public Speaking Institute, is a decorated law enforcement officer in the Philippine National Police. He is an expert on leadership and transformation.
    List of Filipino Motivational Speakers Philippines Jackson Lopez
    List of Filipino Motivational Speakers Philippines Jackson Lopez, Dhum, CPS®, PSF®
    For almost 20 years, he serves and protects the community by performing the basic functions of the PNP such visibility patrol, checkpoint operations, community engagements, crime prevention and solution through proper investigation and arrest of law violators, search, rescue and retrieval, and other police functions. His vision to further deepen his sense of patriotism and nationalism was evident when he engages himself in various national and international cause-oriented and socio-civic organizations. He believes that his vision will be achieved with the help of others who have the same heart as his. As a leader, he is an officer in the Global Academy for Human Excellence, a member of National Humanity Global Peace Federation, a member of the Global Men of Service and Honor Council, Deputy Commander of the World Anti-Narcotics Council, member of United Nations Economic Supreme Council, Vice President of Lions Club International, member of Eagles Club, and member of Philippine Association of Professional Speakers. His accomplishments extend beyond his professional achievements in the PNP when he was awarded with numerous medals, plaques, and recognition by the different organizations. He is a recipient of the World’s Best Humanitarian Award, World Peace Excellence Award, Medal of Excellence Award, Social Service Excellence Award and Outstanding Public Servant and Humanitarian Advocate Award. In 2019, his dream of rebuilding our country to have a better future was partly realized when he became one of the advocates of National Transformation in the PNP. He started a movement, which envisions transforming police officers into God-centered, family and people-loving, and service-oriented individuals through life coaching and mentoring. Relentless to serve humanity and determined to accomplish his mission, he believes that engagement, inspiration, and enlightenment as key to positive transformation can be achieved using the power of spoken word through public speaking and training. His advocacy of transformation doesn’t only cover the PNP but also other sectors of the society especially youth and educators who are truly instrumental in building the future of the nation. In 2022, before the Public Speaking Institute conferred on him the Public Speaking Fellow designation, the “Transformation Cop” developed his Owntalk® on how people can transform their lives through his relatable stories and compelling inspirational messages. He believes that transformation is constant and that people must be #HappyGoChange.
  • Bonn Burgos. Bonn Burgos is a Certified Public Speaker and Public Speaking Fellow at the Public Speaking Institute. He founded Growth Wing Consultancy to train people and businesses to be their best. His methods are proven, practical, and tailored for real-world success.
    List of Filipino Motivational Speakers Philippines Bonn Burgos
    List of Filipino Motivational Speakers Philippines Bonn Burgos, CPS®, PSF®, CRE®
    With over 20 years in sales, Bonn knows the field inside and out. He started selling books door-to-door, then moved to insurance, and now excels in real estate. His broad experience makes him a go-to mentor for sales teams aiming for higher targets. Leadership is another strong suit for Bonn. He’s been both a manager and a director, roles that took him to international markets. When the 2007 Asian Financial Crisis hit, he switched to real estate and led his team to global success. His moves show he knows how to adapt and win, even in tough times. Public speaking has been Bonn’s passion since 1997. He joined a servanthood institution with a clear goal: to serve his community better. In 2022, this commitment led him to become a Certified Public Speaker. Beyond sales, Bonn’s passion for public speaking has been evident since 1997. Rooted in his desire to serve, he has always aimed to empower and inspire. This passion culminated in 2022 when the Public Speaking Institute recognized his prowess and conferred upon him the esteemed Public Speaking Fellow designation. His Owntalk® on the values that enable individuals and organizations to #BeBetter – Patience, Persistence, and Resilience – has resonated with many. In 2023, Bonn took on a pivotal role that combined his sales expertise and passion for teaching. As the Program Director at the prestigious Real Estate Institute School of Realty Business, he introduced the groundbreaking “Shell Entrepreneurship Model.” This framework, born from his 16 years in the industry, encapsulates not just his sales techniques but also his interpersonal and leadership skills. He’s a speaker who combines real-world expertise with actionable insights. His life story offers a practical guide for anyone wanting to improve in both their personal and professional lives. With Bonn, you get more than a speaker; you get a proven leader and a practical mentor.
  • Chelsea Jamilla, IRM, CIPS, CRE®, CPS®, PSF®. Chelsea wears many hats, but each one fits her perfectly. As an International Realtor Member at CREBA and a Certified Property Specialist at NAR, she’s a force in the real estate world. Her credentials don’t stop there. She’s also a respected lecturer at the Real Estate Institute (REI) and a recognized voice in the speaking circuit, with certifications from the Public Speaking Institute and the Lloyd Luna School of Keynote Speaking.
    List of Filipino Motivational Speakers Philippines Chelsea Jamilla
    List of Filipino Motivational Speakers Philippines Chelsea Jamilla, IRM, CIPS, CRE®, CPS®, PSF®
    Her foundation was laid at New Era University, where she earned a degree in Mass Communication. From there, Chelsea’s career took many turns. She dabbled in the hospitality world, explored media advertising, and even taught English to Chinese students. Each experience added a new layer to her understanding of people and business. But it was her entrepreneurial spirit that truly set her apart. Driven by a hunger for more, Chelsea launched her own ventures, blending her vast skills and insights to make a lasting impact. Chelsea’s business acumen is vast. She’s made waves in fashion, beauty, food, and events. Brands like Kelsey Amanda Fashion House and Kelsey Amanda Café are testaments to her visionary approach. She’s not just about starting businesses; she’s about spotting trends, filling gaps, and creating brands that people love. Her love for real estate is evident. Chelsea believes in the power of combining business with property. In 2021, she took a bold step, diving deeper into real estate by pursuing a degree in Real Estate Management. It’s not just about buying and selling for Chelsea; it’s about understanding the market, spotting opportunities, and mastering the craft. But what truly sets Chelsea apart is her ability to inspire. She’s not just living her dream; she’s helping others see theirs. As an “Eyes on the Goal” speaker, Chelsea shares her journey, lighting a fire in everyone who listens. Her speeches are more than words; they’re a roadmap to success, drawn from her own life. With Chelsea at the podium, goals aren’t distant dreams; they’re tangible destinations. Her tales of grit, determination, and unwavering focus aren’t just her stories; they become the listener’s journey, resonating deeply and universally. Certified as a public speaker in 2022, her prowess only grew. By 2023, the Public Speaking Institute didn’t just recognize her; they celebrated her with the title of Public Speaking Fellow. And with her signature Owntalk, Chelsea lays out a blueprint: how to rise, outshine, and triumph, no matter life’s highs and lows. With Chelsea, it’s not just about setting your eyes on the goal; it’s about seizing it. #EyesOnTheGoal
  • Jill Ngo. Jill Ngo, a Certified Public Speaker (CPS) and a Public Speaking Fellow (PSF) is your catalyst for unleashing “Unbreakable Confidence.”
    List of Filipino Motivational Speakers Philippines Jill Ngo
    List of Filipino Motivational Speakers Philippines Jill Ngo, CPS®, PSF®
    With a nearly three-decade-long career, she has transformed countless lives, guiding individuals to discover their inner strength and confidence. From the dance floor to the stage of motivational speaking, Jill’s journey is a testament to her unwavering spirit and dedication. At the helm of the distinguished professional Bellydance ensemble, The Goddesses of Bellydance, Jill has redefined synchronicity and stage presence since forming the group in 2009. Her artistic direction and unwavering commitment have propelled the group to garner national and international accolades, solidifying their reputation as unrivaled performers. Jill’s legacy in the dance and fitness sphere spans nearly three decades, beginning in 1993. Her teachings have reverberated within institutions, fitness venues, corporations, and the media. A luminary of the stage, her electrifying performances have graced theaters, concerts, and television screens as a vital Body Talk and Whiplash member. In 2013, an epiphany dawned upon Jill, revealing her innate gift of oration and her aptitude for hosting. Since then, she has masterfully steered the helm of more than 500 events, leaving an indelible mark as a beacon of exceptional hosting prowess. Notably, Host Pinas, a respected organization, has hired her as a consultant because of her expertise. Recognizing the importance of passing on her expertise, Jill conducts empowering hosting workshops, nurturing the talents of budding hosts who aspire to refine their craft. A pivotal moment in Jill’s journey transpired when she successfully delivered her OwnTalk under the guidance of the Public Speaking Institute, leading to the conferring of the designation of Public Speaking Fellow in 2023. Her groundbreaking approach underscores the pivotal role of self-love and self-trust as the bedrock for achieving remarkable heights in any chosen endeavor. Jill Ngo’s journey is a masterclass in resilience, empowerment, and unbreakable confidence. She doesn’t just speak; she ignites a fire, inspiring others to shatter their limitations and embrace their true potential. With Jill, confidence isn’t just a trait; it’s a way of life.
  • Angelica Maranan-Maglanoc, PhD. Dr. Angelica Maranan-Maglanoc, a Certified Public Speaker in Public Speaking Institute and a Public Speaking Fellow in Lloyd Luna School of Keynote Speaking, is a leading expert on marketing consultancy, TV and event hosting, content creation, and professional events management.
    List of Filipino Motivational Speakers Philippines Angelica Maglanoc
    List of Filipino Motivational Speakers Philippines Angelica Maglanoc, PhD, CPS®, PSF®
    She is the founder of “Speak Up, Make a Positive Impact” movement, which provides development opportunities for the community to use their voice for a higher purpose. She is a beauty queen, marketing consultant, a BEAUTÉDERM Ambassador, a multi-awarded public figure, and also the CEO of AMM Events Management Services. Angelica has been in the events industry for more than a decade now. She is a strong believer in youth development. She has been organizing projects that are focused on honing the skills of the next generation of leaders. She is a local influencer who inspires the youth to become better and is the self-made epitome of triumph. Her excellent training on leadership has created youth leaders in the government and civil society sectors. She inspires others to be of help to communities. This selfless value keeps shining as she does each of her jobs for the community. Her little acts of kindness have brought a lot of joy and distinction to her career and even to her organizations. Truly enough, she has been trailblazing signature projects for the empowerment of the youth and society, to name a few, Public Speaking and Debate Congress, the Kwentuhan sa Barangay Literacy Project, the NoWaNoLi (No Water, No Life) Program, and others that have influenced thousands of people in the whole country. As a Licensed Professional Teacher and a social welfare advocate, Dr. Maglanoc has been spearheading corporate social responsibility projects in the community. Her love and advocacy for literacy ignite her passion for helping the youth in the various villages in La Union Province. As a renowned public speaker and professional host Northern Philippines, Dr. Angelica has been invited to speak in trainings, seminars, workshops, and conventions both in the academic and corporate worlds. As you may have seen in a lot of local events and her short stint in television and radio, this in-demand professional has been continuing to strive in her career by improving her knowledge and skills through attending various local, national, and international seminars and conventions. Before the Public Speaking Institute confers on her the Public Speaking Fellow designation, she will deliver her Owntalk® on welcoming possibilities, and having the right motivation to push us toward achieving our aspirations. She believes that she will inspire us today and everyday if we let ourselves be #PushedToSucceed.
  • Israel “Ish” Balmocena. Ish is an Accounts Payable Officer, a Certified Public Speaker at the Public Speaking Institute Institute, Asian School of Speaking Arts, and Public Speaking Fellow at Lloyd Luna School of Keynote Speaking.
    List of Filipino Motivational Speakers Philippines Israel Ish Balmocena
    List of Filipino Motivational Speakers Philippines Israel Ish Balmocena, CPS®, PSF®
    He’s a man who defies the ordinary at every turn. With a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management from Taguig City University, he’s not just educated; he’s a strategist who understands the nuances of business and people. But don’t let the degree fool you. For over six years, he’s been an Accounts Payable Officer at an Australian company, where he’s not just another employee; he’s a standout performer. Recognized for his exceptional work, he was nominated as the “Legend of the Quarter” in January 2023, rising above a pool of 1,000 employees. He’s not just doing his job; he’s setting the bar for excellence. His leadership extends beyond the corporate world and into the spiritual realm. Since joining an evangelical ministry in 2012, he’s been a cornerstone of young leadership. He’s not just a member; he’s a catalyst for change, speaking on topics that matter: overcoming life’s hurdles, vision-driven leadership, and the essence of character development. While still in his second year of college, he earned his stripes as a Licensed Bookkeeper, certified by TESDA. He’s not just a student; he’s a young professional making strides early on. Since 2018, he’s been mentoring the youth, focusing on personal growth, spiritual enlightenment, and career advancement. He’s not just a mentor; he’s a life-changer. In July 2023, before the Public Speaking Institute conferred her Public Speaking Fellow designation, he developed his Owntalk on how anyone can win and overcome life by deciding to determine his own terms of limits. He believes that life is a matter of choice to win or to loose. He’s not just inspiring people; he’s giving them the tools to win at life. #DefineYourLimits
  • Ricky Torres. Ricky Torres is a Certified Public Speaker and a recognized Public Speaking Fellow at the Public Speaking Institute. He developed his OwnTalk, #LiveResponsibly, a principle that brings to life his impactful mantra.
    List of Filipino Motivational Speakers Philippines Ricky Torres Jr
    List of Filipino Motivational Speakers Philippines Ricky Torres, Jr. CPS®, PSF®, CRE®
    With a degree in Computer Engineering, Ricky has a unique mix of technical expertise and communication skills. He started his career in the service industry, working hard as a waiter. But ambition drove him, and by 2005, he was the proud owner of his own restaurant. His journey from waiter to owner is a real-life lesson in hard work and smart decision-making. In 2008, Ricky took his talents to the world of network marketing. He didn’t just give speeches; he inspired action. If you’re looking for someone who can truly inspire you to be better, Ricky is the speaker to hear. In 2016, Ricky became the Vice President of Training and Development for a marketing company. As a member of the Board of Directors, he was instrumental in shaping the company’s growth and future plans. But his expertise doesn’t stop there. Ricky is also a seasoned professional in the insurance sector and serves as a top Property Specialist in the Philippines’ number one real estate company. Whether you’re navigating the world of marketing, insurance, or real estate, Ricky has the hands-on experience to guide you. But what really sets Ricky apart is his passion for motivational speaking. His presentations are not just talks; they’re transformative experiences. With his natural ability to connect and public speaking experience, Ricky leaves a lasting impression on all who hear him. His message is simple yet powerful: With hard work, dedication, and a positive mindset, you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Whether he’s simplifying complex topics in marketing or uplifting a crowd with his #LiveResponsibly message, Ricky’s depth of expertise and heartfelt passion shine through. Ricky Torres is more than just a motivational speaker; he’s a multi-talented entrepreneur and a trusted mentor.
  • Marife Absin. Marife O. Absin is one of the rising personalities in the realm of public speaking. Certified and trained at the elite Public Speaking Institute, Lloyd Luna School of Keynote Speaking, she doesn’t just talk; she moves mountains with her words.
    List of Filipino Motivational Speakers Philippines Marife Absin
    List of Filipino Motivational Speakers Philippines Marife Absin, CPS®, PSF®, CRE®
    After dominating the corporate manufacturing sector for an awe-inspiring 30 years, Marife didn’t just retire—she reinvented herself. Now, she’s a humanitarian dynamo, living the Rotarian motto of “Service Above Self” every single day. Marife is the go-to motivational speaker for young souls hungry for success. She doesn’t just inspire; she transforms lives, fueling the fire for personal and professional greatness. A pillar in her spiritual community, the Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ), Marife is more than a speaker. She’s a source of faith, guiding those who seek a higher purpose. Nature isn’t just a hobby for Marife; it’s a lifestyle. She’s crafted her own Eden—a private garden resort that’s scenic and soul-stirring. Picture towering trees, vibrant flowers, and the serene ballet of birds and butterflies. This is Marife’s sanctuary. Ever met a world traveler who’s also a food connoisseur? That’s Marife. She doesn’t just see the world; she tastes, savors, and lives it. From local hideaways to international wonders, Marife knows the secret ingredient—joy. Educated in Human Resource Development Management at the esteemed University of Perpetual Help System Dalta, Marife embodies resilience and wisdom. She’s not just about setting goals; she’s about smashing them. Her mantra? “Failures are your stepping stones. Keep moving, keep growing, and you’ll not just reach but exceed your dreams.” #GrowWiser
  • Marc Joseph Arrieta. Marc Joseph Arrieta is not just a name in the world of public speaking; he’s a force to be reckoned with. As a Certified Public Speaker and an esteemed Public Speaking Fellow, Marc’s credentials set the stage for a journey that resonates with hope, inspiration, and unyielding ambition. His life story stands as a testament to the transformative power of perseverance, determination, and an unwavering vision.
    List of Filipino Motivational Speakers Philippines Marc Arrieta
    List of Filipino Motivational Speakers Philippines Marc Arrieta, CPS®, PSF®, CPNB
    With a career that spans an impressive 17 years across diverse industries, Marc’s experiences are as vast as they are impactful. From the vibrant cities of Asia to the historic heartlands of Europe, from Oceania’s lively shores to the culturally rich terrains of Africa, he has shared his insights on motivation, performance enhancement, business development, and the invaluable role of culture in revolutionizing businesses. Marc learned lessons in leadership, accountability, and responsibility early in life as a result of the difficulties of a broken family when he was just 7 years old. These challenges didn’t deter him; instead, they became the bedrock of his growth. His journey from roles often in the background—a stock clerk, dishwasher, factory worker, janitor, and call center agent—to the global stage adds layers of authenticity and depth to his narrative. For Marc, speaking is an art, a blend of emotions and experiences that creates moments that inspire change and action. Today, Marc wears many hats with pride. As the CEO of Winalife Pharma and Medical Supplies Trading, he’s at the forefront of healthcare innovation. His vision birthed the Professional Network Builder Institute (PNBI), nurturing the leaders of tomorrow. His influential stance in the Professional Network Builder Advocacy Cooperative (PNBIAC) showcases his belief in collaborative growth. Yet, amidst these accolades, he remains deeply rooted in his roles as a devoted husband and father. Marc’s journey is a vivid testament to resilience, ambition, and the power of unwavering determination. As you delve into his story, you’ll find a narrative that inspires, challenges, and encourages every individual to pursue their dreams, shatter limitations, and leave a lasting legacy for generations to come.
  • Liz Tumamao. Felicisima “Liz” Tumamao is a distinguished Certified Public Speaker and an esteemed Public Speaking Fellow at the renowned Public Speaking Institute. Liz’s professional journey has been nothing short of extraordinary, marked by leadership, strategic foresight, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.
    List of Filipino Motivational Speakers Philippines Liz Tumamao
    List of Filipino Motivational Speakers Philippines Liz Tumamao, CPS®, PSF®, CRE®
    Armed with a degree in Business Administration, Liz carved a niche for herself in the competitive Banking and Trust sector at the Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company. Over the course of a decade, she honed her skills in financial management, strategic planning, and leadership, establishing herself as a formidable force in the industry. However, 2005 marked a pivotal turn in Liz’s career. Leaving behind the world of banking, she ventured into the realm of Health, Wellness, and Beauty Distribution. Establishing a thriving Distribution center in Cavite, Liz delved deep into the world of natural wellness. She championed holistic approaches to health, advocating for a balanced lifestyle that nurtures the mind and body. This passion for well-being and her insights into financial health positioned her as a beacon in her community. Recognized as a Top Performer and Grand Mentor, Liz’s dedication to guiding others towards success in health and wealth is evident in every endeavor she undertakes. Liz’s prowess isn’t just limited to her professional achievements. As an entrepreneur, she has been a guiding light for many, sharing her expertise in business management and her innate ability to inspire and motivate. Her reputation as a mentor and leader has made her a sought-after figure in the entrepreneurial landscape. In August 2023, Liz added another feather to her cap. Before being honored with the Public Speaking Fellow designation by the Public Speaking Institute, she created her signature Owntalk titled “Winning In Pursuit of Your Dreams.” Through this, she delves into the essence of #BreakingFree from barriers, urging individuals to step out of their comfort zones. Liz believes in taking bold actions, fostering courage, and harnessing the power of both mind and body to transform dreams into tangible realities. Dive into her world, and let Liz Tumamao inspire you to chase your aspirations, shatter boundaries, and craft a legacy that stands the test of time.
  • Shaira Era. Shaira “Shy” L. Era is a Certified Public Speaker and Public Speaking Fellow, who brings real-world wisdom to the stage. With credentials from the Public Speaking Institute, Shy tackles the tough stuff—self-assurance, resilience, and how to turn setbacks into setups.
    List of Filipino Motivational Speakers Philippines Shaira Era
    List of Filipino Motivational Speakers Philippines Shaira “Shy” Era, CPS®, PSF®
    Shy’s got entrepreneurial spirit in spades. She’s the force behind Cavite Mascot Rentals, a venture born from her knack for kids’ party hosting. Trained by industry leaders, Jollibee Foods Corporation, she knows how to turn her event hosting skill into a great business. When it comes to events, Shy is your go-to planner. As the co-founder of S&T Events Management, she takes the stress out of planning and puts the style back into your special occasions. She’s not just coordinating events; she’s elevating them. Since 2015, Shy has been a trusted host, working with names like Gloc 9 and Paulo Avelino. Even international companies like Ghirardelli and e-sports group Lupon WCS Dota have called on her skills. She’s not just holding a mic; she’s commanding a room. She’s also earned recognition. Shy was named one of the Top 20 Wedding Hosts in the Philippines, a nod to her unique blend of professionalism and personality. But for Shy, the real reward is the impact she makes. Before her Public Speaking Fellow recognition, Shy developed her Owntalk®. It’s not just motivational fluff; it’s a guide to finding your purpose. With her key themes—#Findingyourway, #Findingyourwayout, #Findwayback—Shy offers more than inspiration; she provides a roadmap to meaningful change.
  • Janina Lorelei Simion, PPMC, CPS, PSF, PhD Div (hc). Born in Romania but having lived, learned, and worked in several countries worldwide, Janina is a modern-day time traveler who understands business and personal transformation’s past, present, and future.
    List of Filipino Motivational Speakers Philippines Janina Simion
    List of Filipino Motivational Speakers Philippines Janina Simion, PPMC, CPS®, PSF®, PhD Div (hc)
    She started her international trajectory in 1994 as one of only seven Romanian recipients of a George Soros Academic Achievement Scholarship as a student at the American University in Bulgaria. She graduated in 1998 with a BA in Business Administration and additional degrees in Journalism/Mass Communications and Music Performance. With 25 years of experience across Europe and Asia in finance, publishing, education, management consulting, and brand strategy, Janina excels at delivering solutions both big and small— for several local startups and for one of the largest FMCG companies in the Philippines (where she led a holistic change management program, and the structuring of a massive CSR program from the ground up). As a Change Management Consultant and Corporate Communications/PR Strategist, she brings inspiration, synergy, and flow to every scenario. In October 2000, Janina was one of the first five women ever ordained in the Pentecostal Church in Romania. In 2019, she renewed her ordination as an inter-faith minister with the Universal Life Church and holds a PhD (h.c.) in Divinity. She has gained many insights into our relationship with the Sacred, our role in the universe, and our spiritual journey through life. In 2014 and 2015, Janina was awarded the Rotary International Presidential Awards for her contributions to Rotary China and the Rotary Club of Chengdu (Sichuan, China), where she served on the Board as PR Director. She was trusted as the editor of two textbooks (Old Testament 101 and New Testament 101) in use by theological seminaries across Romania, and she has also co-authored and edited two more books (To Love an Angel and The JEDI Code) published in 2011 and 2015 in Bucharest. As a classical-crossover mezzo-soprano, Janina has performed in Europe and Asia since 1995, including the House of Parliament in Bucharest, the Tvaerkulturelt Center in Copenhagen, and the Forbidden City Concert Hall in Beijing. Her style stems from centuries-old Orthodox Church chanting, and her repertoire includes sacred music, opera, Broadway, jazz standards, contemporary music, and meditation music. She believes that music is the secret language of the heart, where words, harmony, and silence come together to take you on a journey of healing and personal transformation. When intention, emotion, and harmonics are combined into song, music becomes a living field of energy where you can discover the inner truths of your heart and connect with others on a deep, spiritual level. She is just as comfortable communicating to an audience of one or to a sea of thousands, but her stage experience includes more than music—Janina is also an actress. She has appeared in several theater productions, TV series, and movies. You might have seen her in Magpakailanman, Wish Ko Lang, Owe My Love, Abot-kamay na Pangarap, Unbreak My Heart, and the upcoming Gomburza and Shake, Rattle, and Roll: Glitch. Despite her professional and artistic achievements, her journey through life wasn’t easy. Janina is a survivor of domestic abuse and a first-hand witness to mental and emotional trauma’s impact on our physical health. In April last year, she was diagnosed with late-stage III cancer and told she only had 2-3 months to live. Since then, she has beat the odds and made a full recovery, thanks to the talented and dedicated medical professionals in the Philippines, the country she now calls home. Her own process of healing from the trauma of narcissistic abuse has led her to discover her soul mission: to help others rebuild their sense of self-worth, regain their confidence, and learn to live a happy and fulfilled life. Her experience overcoming terminal cancer has equipped her with a unique perspective and insight into maintaining our emotional and mental balance in the face of adversity and into our untapped ability to turn even the most dire circumstances in our favor. She remains grounded, balancing profound empathy, mindfulness, gratitude, and non-attachment. She has lost everything and had to rebuild her life from the ground up – and she has had to do it all on her own while living in a foreign country. This deep, transforming personal journey led her to become a healer of human suffering: Janina is now certified as a Master Life Coach, Authentic Happiness Life Coach, and Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki practitioner. Her story of resilience, courage, and hope guided her first to become a Certified Public Speaker and then a Certified Public Speaking Fellow. Her Signature Story is the story of her life. She is here to bear witness to the fact that we can overcome, no matter what. That we can overcome the fear, the adversity, the hardship, the trauma, and the pain. She is still here because she follows her life purpose: to heal and to inspire. Janina is an energy Alchemist on a mission to transmute pain and suffering into balance and joy.

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