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Three levels of communication in Rhetoricology™

In Rhetoricology™, we talk about the three levels of communication—that is every time you speak—you are either heard or you are understood, or you are believed. Now, majority of the speaker we hear today are only heard possible because the audience doesn’t care. So, the audience simply reacts this way: “Ok.” “Fine.” “Whatever.” “Wrap it up.” A few make it to the second level where they are understood mainly because they have captured the audience’s interest. So they react this …

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lloyd luna the bottomline with boy abunda

Public speaking is not a display of intelligence

Public speaking in the Philippines and elsewhere play a vital role in rallying your people to achieve your leadership agenda. If you haven’t noticed yet, major events that shaped world history had someone — a leader — who spoke in front of a crowd and the crowd listened to. When they got the message correctly, they succeeded in their cause. But first, it was the speaker — the leader — who made the people understand the message.

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