Public Speaking Summit Philippines 2022 List of Speakers

The Public Speaking Summit Philippines 2022

The Public Speaking Institute invites you to the 2nd International Public Speaking Summit (Philippines) 2022

This year’s theme is “Rise Above Your Fear”

Public speaking isn’t something you must fear. It’s something you must enjoy doing. And when you do it right, opportunities are everywhere.

But first, be mentored by some of the world’s leading public speakers from six countries in three continents—Asia, Oceania, and North America. Listen to their inspiring stories. Learn from their experiences so that you, too, can rise above your fear.

Our summit kicks off on November 19, 2022 at 8:00PM until 1130PM via Zoom and Facebook Group Live.

This year’s keynote speaker is The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal bestselling author and international motivational speaker Chris Widener (United States). The line up of speakers to light you up include Filipino Levi (New Zealand), Kevin Cottam (Singapore), Bob Hooey (Canada), and Idola Putri, CPS® (Indonesia). Filipino public speakers include Jesse Rebustillo, FPM, Dannes Serrano, Certified Public Speakers Atty. Her Lynn Balares, CPS®, Charlene Vergara, CPS®, Atty Sheine Girao, CPS®, and Dr. Felix Veroya, DHum.

In this program, you’ll be inspired by the personal stories of each speaker, learn the ropes on overcoming stage fright, and get practical tips on how you can speak with ease and confidence.

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This annual event—the first of its kind—is presented to you by Wellife International Corp. and Luna Group of Companies, Inc., the parent company of The Public Speaking Institute, Inc. #SpeakTheDifference

Schedule of Speeches

730PM : Zoom Meeting Room opens

800PM : CHRIS WIDENER (US) / Opening Keynote

830PM : KEVIN COTTAM (SINGAPORE) / Author, The Nomadic Mindset

900PM : BOB HOOEY (CANADA) / Author, Speaking for Success

930PM : FILIPO LEVI (NEW ZEALAND) / Former International Rugby Captain for Manu Samoa

1000PM : JESSE REBUSTILLO / Past President, Philippine Association of Professional Speakers

1030PM : DANNES “KUYAPAS” SERRANO / Chief Marketing Officer, WELLife Corp.

1040PM : IDOLA PUTRI, CPS® (Indonesia) / Head of Communication Program Study, Telkom University

1050PM : ATTY. HER LYNN BALARES, CPS® Certified Public Speaker Batch 3

1100PM : CHARLENE VERGARA, CPS® Certified Public Speaker Batch 13

1110PM : KEEZIAH HEART ROJO, CPS® Certified Public Speaker Batch 13

1120PM : ATTY. SHEINE GIRAO, CPS® Certified Public Speaker Batch 2

1130PM : DR. FELIX VEROYA, DHum, CEO, Ask Lex PH Academy

1140PM : LYNIE ESPIEL BERESO, Chairman, WELLife Corp. / Closing Remarks

Public Speaking Summit Philippines 2022 Program of Activities

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