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Three levels of communication in Rhetoricology™

In Rhetoricology™, we talk about the three levels of communication—that is every time you speak—you are either heard or you are understood, or you are believed.

Now, majority of the speaker we hear today are only heard possible because the audience doesn’t care. So, the audience simply reacts this way: “Ok.” “Fine.” “Whatever.” “Wrap it up.”

A few make it to the second level where they are understood mainly because they have captured the audience’s interest. So they react this way: “Oh I see.” “I didn’t know that before.” “Really?” “Now I got it.”

A very, very rare group reaches and enjoys the third level, otherwise known as the persuasion level, where they are believed because not only have they captured the interest of the audience. They also captured their imagination. Thus, the audience believes. The reaction may included: “I’ll try it.” I’ll do it.” “I can do it.” “I can make it.” “It’s possible.”

So how do you become an effective public speaker? First, become fully aware of these levels of communication and honestly identify where you are. And then slide your way up to the level of persuasion.

If you are interested to know more about this, you can join our Certified Public Speaker (CPS®) certification program.

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