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Code of Professional Conduct for Certified Public Speakers

As designees of Certified Public Speakers, we are expected to conduct ourselves at the highest level of professionalism and integrity. This is important because the public, which we serve through our speaking profession bestow trust and confidence upon us.

Dedicating ourselves to this code of conduct is an important part of our individual and collective success.

Thus, all designees of Certified Public Speakers shall subscribe to the Code of Professional Ethics as a condition of membership with all his heart and might. By doing so, we are making a strong commitment to uphold the values and ideals of our Institute.

Violations of this Code are determined in accordance with the bylaws, policies and procedures of the Institute. Any disciplinary action instituted by the Institute shall be binding and final upon the designees and without recourse to the Institute, its officers, members of staff.

Article 1— Representation
CPS has an obligation to oneself and to the Institute to represent oneself truthfully, professionally, and in a non-misleading manner. The CPS shall be honest and accurate in presenting himself, his qualifications, attainments, and experience all the time in dealing with fellow members and clients.

Article 2— Professionalism
CPS shall act, operate his/her business, and speak in a most professional and ethical manner so as neither to offend nor bring discredit to oneself, the public speakers or one’s fellow CPS.

Article 3— Research
CPS shall exert efforts to understand each client’s organization, needs, goals and culture before any paid or unpaid presentation, in order to professionally apply one’s expertise to meet each client’s needs and expectation.

Article 4— Intellectual Property
CPS shall respect other people’s work and intellectual property by avoiding, in any form or manner, the use of materials, titles or any creation by others unless approved in writing by the originator.

Article 5— Respect & Collegiality
CPS shall maintain a collegial relationship with fellow members that is based on respect, professional courtesy, dignity and the highest ethical standards.

Article 6— Confidentiality
CPS shall maintain and respect the confidentiality of business or personal affairs of clients, agents and other public speakers.

Article 7— Business Practices
CPS is obligated to maintain a high level of ethical standards and practices in order to assist in protecting the public against fraud or any unfair practice in the speaking profession and shall attempt to eliminate from the profession all practices that could bring discredit to the speaking profession.

Article 8— Diversity and Inclusivity

CPS shall not participate in any agreement or activity that would limit or deny access to the marketplace to any other speaker, to a client, or to the public. This includes, but not limited to, economic factors, race, ethnicity, creed, color, sex, age, sexual orientation, disability, religion, or country of national origin of any party.

Sgt. Lloyd A. Luna, PAFR

Founder, The Public Speaking Institute™

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About our founder

Sgt. Lloyd A. Luna, PAFR, a well-known Filipino professional speaker and entrepreneur, has written 17 books on motivation, leadership, and productivity and has been a career and personal development columnist of The Manila Times since 2006. Over the past 15 years, he has spoken on leadership and transformation in over 1,500 conventions, conferences, and seminars in the Philippines and in seven other countries, addressing such audiences as personnel of global companies, key managers and staff of Philippine government agencies, and students and faculty of various schools in Asian countries. 

In 2020, when his successful professional-speaking career was interrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic, Lloyd enlisted as a sergeant in the Philippine Air Force Reserve Command and, in the same spirit of intentional self-transformation, founded The New Channel (TNC) Media Corp., an innovative livestream platform in the Internet, bringing together a wide array of business and lifestyle shows that are each hosted by independent personalities. He had in previous years put up Stepback, a leadership and culture development company aimed at helping broaden the social perspective of leaders and organizations.  Himself an active entrepreneur and music lover, Lloyd is the founder and president of LLOYDLUNA Communications, Umbrella Motivational Speakers, Scroll Publishing, Skybell Clothing, and Peaches Music.

As the author of the book Stepback: The Lost Art of Filipino Leadership, Lloyd teaches the philosophy of putting people at the center of leadership; a program now offered in Ateneo de Manila Graduate School of Business Center for Continuing Education. His latest book that was published in January 2021, Transform or Perish: How To Intentionally Change Yourself  To Deal With Overwhelming Disruption, makes his personal travails wrought by the pandemic the primary basis for coming up with what he calls an Intentional Transformation Framework for turning crises into opportunities.

For his indefatigable work as a motivational speaker, Lloyd has become the first Filipino to have been member of the Global Speakers Federation in 2017, the first to have spoken in French and European Speakers Convention in Paris in 2019, and the first to earn the Registered Speaking Professional designation in the Philippines. He is also the founder of Philippine Association of Professional Speakers. At age 37, he was conferred the Quezon Medal of Honor, the highest recognition given by the provincial government of Quezon to its distinguished civilian achievers.

Lloyd, 38, is married to the former Lilibeth Pujeda; they have a daughter Sky, 6, and newborn son Rain Kylo.

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